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AlphaMed makes it easy for business consumers to buy better, faster and cheaper for their enterprises anytime and anywhere.

Are you a Supplier of Medical consumables?

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AlphaMed has a target to ensure adequate supplies of medical consumables for the Nigerian market, we are always looking for reliable and capable suppliers.

If you have products that fit our site please contact us Using our contact page, with the subject "Supplier Application"

We work with Suppliers all around the world

We are setting up warehouses globally hence we request Supplier applications from every country, please submit all supporting documents on quality and technical details relevant to your product.

Our Supplier database is steadily increasing

As a result of our plans to expand, we have access to the best global OEM brands and high quality producers of medical consumables, we are still evolving as we aim to improve the industry in Nigeria and West Africa.

Contact Us

Send us an email here: or fill out the suppliers contact form below.


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