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Whether you are a healthcare industry newbie setting up your medical facility, an already established medical organization looking to upgrade your medical facility or just simply looking to procure medical consumables; specifying your needs, choosing the right supplier, and purchasing your medical consumables can be a tasking journey. Your journey doesn’t have to be time consuming, costly and even wasteful if you would journey with us. Our 360-degree service capacity aided by our professional and reliable team of seasoned health industry experts ensures that you achieve your goals regarding medical consumables in a cost effective and efficient manner. 

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About Us


When establishing or operating a medical facility- a diagnostic center or school laboratory; a pharmacy or a hospital- medical consumables form a core part of your planning. What you need, how, where and who you get them from, are major questions that need efficient and cost-effective answers if you plan on maximizing capital investment. With a network of leading industry producers of medical deliverables, and a team of health industry experts, AlphaMed is adept at offering you all the efficient and cost-effective expert advice you need. We provide consultation to customize your requirements, presenting you with solutions and alternatives that are all geared towards maximizing your capital investment at every level.



At AlphaMed, we go beyond just providing expert consultation services. Where we are not supplying you our medical consumables, we are helping you manage your procurement process. From identifying and selecting suppliers; negotiating and contracting suppliers; placing your purchase order; to expediting your product order, we ensure process optimization, cost minimization and efficient utilization of resources.


Warehousing & Inventory Management

In a country where the medical sector is still growing, the challenge of adequate warehousing for medical consumables remains insufficiently addressed. We exist to fill this gap. At AlphaMed, we boast of our adequate warehousing facilities solely dedicated towards the storage of medical consumables. Our facilities are equipped with image sensors, surveillance cameras, access control devices, smart thermostats etc., to doubly ensure the security and optimal condition of your stored medical consumables ready to be supplied to you on need basis. In addition to warehousing your medical consumables, we also help to manage your inventory at our warehouse allowing you to run your operations as usual. When it comes to our warehousing and inventory management service, we are confident you would find the terms of our framework agreement most convenient entirely.

In a nutshell, AlphaMed is your one-stop solution for everything medical consumables. 


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